Pro Racing Sailor Minimum Contract Terms


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The parties agree as follows:


  1. Owner/Employer: ____________________.
  2. Sailor: ________________________.


  1. The parties agree that the Sailor will be paid $_________ in U.S. Dollars per (choose one) day/week/month/other ____________.
  2. Travel expenses: travel expenses to and from the vessel are the responsibility of the (choose one) Owner/Sailor.   
  3. Other expenses will be treated as follows ____________________________.

Time and Location

  1. Sailor is to join the vessel at (location) ________________ on (date) _____________ no later than (time) _______________________. 
  2. Expected location of vessel upon discharge ______________________. 

Period of Employment

  1. The period of employment is expected to be from ________ to _________.

Job Description

  1. The parties agree that the Sailor will perform the regular duties of a ___________ on the Yacht _______________________.


  1. If the Sailor is subject to special discipline such as fines or short rations, describe: ______________________________ (this term is required under the Jones Act – hopefully the answer is N/A).

Emergency Contact Info:

  1. In the event of last minute change or an emergency:
    1. Sailor’s cell number _________________.
    2. Sailor’s next of kin (name) ________________ (phone) _____________. 

Choice of Law:

  1. In the event of a dispute arising out of this contract, the Parties agree that the laws of Maryland, and the General Maritime Law and statutory law of the United States apply and that any dispute will be heard in the State of Maryland in the United States.

Additional terms

  1. These terms are the minimum required racing crew terms under the Jones Act and good sense.  The parties may use them so long as: 1) you do not delete this acknowledgement or any section of the contract: 2) you acknowledge that the blank terms were drafted by the attorney's at; 3) you recognize that if you want specific advise tailored to protect your individual interests, you should hire a lawyer to protect those interests, not rely general terms such as these.
  2. The parties agree that exchanged emails containing these terms constitute a crew contract.
  3.  The Parties have agreed to the following additional matters: _______________________________________________________


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